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SBHS History

The history of the San Benito High School District

San Benito High School, the district's only comprehensive high school, was founded in 1875 in a grammar school building on First and San Benito streets in Hollister. Growth and attendance were slow and, after six years, a mere 57 students graduated. In those times, higher education was neither free nor compulsory. As Hollister grew, so did attendance. In 1908, William Weeks was appointed to design a new school building. The building was completed on Aug.23, 1909, and lasted until it burned down in 1955. A second high school was built in 1929 next to the 1909 building. It is now the administration building at 1220 Monterey St.

Growth continued and the O'Donnell Gym and the Davis Library were added. In 1955, fire consumed all of the 1909 building, leaving behind the current administration building. Since 1980, the home of the Haybalers has added an extension to the library and now has more than 120 classrooms to accommodate nearly 2,800 students and more than 100 faculty and staff members.

Today, San Benito High School District contracts with the San Benito County Office of Education to run its continuation high school, San Andreas.

For the complete Wikipedia entry on the history of San Benito High School, click here.


vintage photo SBHS
old photo of SBHS

The Baler Code

Unique to our school is the Baler Code. 

It is a set of values that we, as adults, strive to model and hold up as a goal for our students.  The code is a series of 8 qualities that make one a quality person.


The Baler Code

A Baler is . . .

Respectful by treating others as you want to be treated. Do not
manipulate, abuse, demean or mistreat anyone. Do not insult,
ridicule, harass, embarrass or hurt another person.

Responsible by being dependable, punctual, and trustworthy in your
dealing with others. Acknowledge and meet your obligations, honor
your commitments, know what you must do, and create a plan to
accomplish your goals.

Honest by always being truthful and sincere toward others. Do not lie,
cheat, steal; betray a trust; withhold information; be sly, scheming
or misleading.

Civil by being courteous and polite.

Tolerant by respecting individual differences and judging people only on
their individual merits.

Caring by showing concern for each and every individual and our

Courteous by being polite in your dealings with others. Respect the rights
of each individual to make decisions about his/her own life and
have a regard for the property of others, as well as for our campus
and community environment.

Courageous by resisting peer pressure to do things you know are wrong.
Persevere in using your highest potential to reach academic and
personal goals. Do the right thing instead of taking the easy way